The CPPC Project

Controller/comPiler for Portable Checkpointing

The compiler used by CPPC has been recently ported to the Cetus Framework so that it is easier to use and more portable than the previous SUIF version in CPPC v0.1.x. Also, the Fortran 77 compiler is now working (however, the Fortran 77 parser is somehow experimental and won't parse any Fortan 77 code out there).

Two script files, bin/cppc_cc and bin/cppc_fc will be copied to the installation directory. They run the C and Fortran 77 compilers, respectively. Executing them without parameters will give a brief description of its functionalities.

Please note that the compiler, specially the Fortran 77 version, is highly experimental code. It is based on a custom Cetus distribution. Extensions have been made to the IR so that it supports Fortran 77 structures. Any bug report concerning the Fortran 77 compiler will be specially appreciated.